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Homer, Alaska

My heart is that you might come closer to the Lord Jesus.

I honestly have no ulterior motive or desire. I honestly don’t want you to think somehow that I’m greater than you, or have any special insight. All I really hope is that you might come closer to Jesus through these simple posts. Without His presence, woven into what is presented, there can be no real walk with His Spirit.

It’ll be up to Him to touch you, and where your heart is at the moment.

My posts are essentially desultory, I’ll jump around a bit. I want to write on a basic level so that all might understand–the ‘shopkeeper and the theologian.’ I want everyone to grasp what the Lord is showing me. I don’t want you to read any foolish pretense or lofty talk. I hope you understand. I’m a simple man who wants to share on a simple level.

I really hope to ‘cast a wide net’ and cover many different aspects of our common discipleship.

There’re many different topics and I don’t really don’t want to focus on a certain theme or doctrine–only what the Father wants to share, nothing more than that. If you think that these might help you understand, that’s all really want. If you want to comment or correct me, please respond on the link on your right.

Please share this with any who might want to hear this.

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What marvelous love the Father has extended to us! Just look at it—we’re called children of God! That’s who we really are.

! John 3:1, The Message